God’s DJ has your hook

John Travolta in Saturday night fever

John Travolta movie binge last week.  Yep.  3 x $3.99 On Demand.  Ordered Stayin’ Alive (snore) then quickly moved to Saturday Night Fever.  Can I tell you… booties were shakin’ in the house.  Of course we had to top it all off with Grease.  Umm, turns out I’m actually Riz? Dang.  All these years I thought I was Sandy.

If you dance, doesn’t necessarily mean music is playing.  But if music is on, makes you wanna dance.  I look at God’s plan as my jam.  First I want to hear His music, feel the beat, understand the lyrics.

When we step out on Faith, I imagine God saying, “Yes I will help you with this.  But next time come to me first.  This isn’t really what I had in mind.”  Getting alignment with the Lord was the first step in applying for our license.  

Is this what He wants us to do?  Praying, reading scripture, getting to church, listening, waiting.  The song starts out quiet at first.. or maybe just a base drum beat.  Then it gets louder and the band fills in.  And that’s when I step out on Faith, that’s when the dancing starts.  I could use back-up.  Cris Judd available?

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