“Please God make her healthy. I will do anything.”

Best best BEST part of license application so far is the Caregiver Core Training class.  It is awesome!  Shout out to teachers El-Freda and Luann.  I love you both.  They made us laugh, cry, try harder, think beyond our own conventional reason, and get nervous diarrhea too.  Here are a couple moments that were especially meaningful to me.


“My baby mama was on meth.  I was on meth.  I prayed to God, ‘please, please make my baby girl ok.  I will turn my life around, Lord.  I will do anything.’  I took my baby and held her and protected her.  But she needed to be taken away from me, and taken to a safe place.  My world came crashing down.”

– Biological parent guest speaker in our CCT class

He is sober, responsible, living a life of Faith, and raising his beautiful, healthy daughter.

“I thought if we talked about it, it would make it a big deal or uncomfortable.  We wanted him to think we didn’t consider it an issue, that we didn’t see a difference.  I didn’t realize not talking about race makes it seem like it is ‘wrong, something to be ashamed of, and/or not important.’  Now I realize that talking about race differences is critical to bonding with my child and critical to his identity development.”

-Foster parent of a child who is a different race than the other family members

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