Heck NO!

“You’re going to be tired.  I’m going to be tired.  We are finally at a place where things are a little under control.  I’m not ready,”  says my hubby.  My head drops.  There is no way to do this without the entire family on board.  “It feels right to me,” I say.   “This is NUTS!  It’s CRAZY!”

the thing is…I want to do something crazy.  “Don’t you want to do something nuts?”  I ask.

shutterstock_204361570They say the husbands are last to see the glory in the possibility of foster parenting.  “chaos, expensive, messy, and last but not least… less time for sex.”

It’s just like my mom says.  They don’t like the idea.  Then when it turns out great, they take the credit.

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