Who We Wait With is Just as Important as What We’re Waiting For


The year before she came we filled our days with preparation.   We bought baby gates, inherited a set of bunk bed, and purged cabinets to make room for cleaning supplies & medications to be moved out-of-reach.  We gathered information,  joined foster support groups, and prayed. Phase 1.

The day she walked into our house we began a new project. Phase 2: Nurturing, teaching, playing, reading, driving, doctor appointments, holidays, birthday parties, and growing to love her more and more every day. Phase 2 has been a year so far.  We can’t imagine our family without her now.

Phase 3. How do we live in phase 3? I thought phase 3 would be either adoption or saying goodbye as she was reunified with parents or relatives. Turns out that is Phase 4. Phase 3 is actually another season of waiting. The waiting season for our foster license to be issued was difficult. Now it is a whole new level of difficult to wait for the courts’ decision as to whether we can keep our new daughter forever, or if we are indeed a temporary home.

Most Bible verses I looked up about “waiting” say, “wait for the Lord.” Or “wait on the Lord.” We are of course waiting for something, that’s true. But I wanted to find a scripture assuring me that God is waiting with me, not just that I am waiting for His will or His blessing or His plan. I wondered where I could find, “wait with the Lord.” Then I realized that is truly the message throughout the entire Bible.  With the Lord is essentially the message of almost every verse of scripture. You can insert anything in front of “with.” Eat with the Lord, Shop with the Lord, Be with the Lord, Wait with the Lord. It’s what Jesus was teaching us to do with every aspect and detail of our lives. He is with us always.

 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

 Joshua 1:9 NIV

One thought on “Who We Wait With is Just as Important as What We’re Waiting For

  1. How enlightening your spirt-fill postings have been to me! I am waiting with you and God in a state of prayer with positive expectations for everyone’s good.

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