Delivered from Deficiency


When our little girl came to our house she had been diagnosed with rickets. She had been deprived of many nutrients. But the most damaging was that she was deprived of vitamin D. Rickets is the condition of bone deterioration, distortion of bones, and weakening of bones due to lack of vitamin D. She was 2-1/2 years old and could barely stand and walk. She was bent over like a little old lady. She had already begun treatment when she came to us, but before then she would cry when she moved because of the pain.

It was so satisfying to feed her. Watching her cute little mouth sip on milk, take bites of cheese, and gulp down raspberry yogurt was gratifying! She was depleted of nutrients and we were here to replace, rebuild, and supply. It was seriously rewarding to see her gain weight, grow taller, stand straighter, and move around easier. But not only that, her speech improved and she was thriving in all developmental areas.

I’ve learned that God delights in supplying us with nutrients too. He knows our deficiencies and wants to be our provider. What am I deficient in? For our new daughter it was vitamin D. For me it changes, right? Deficient in faith some days, deficient in trust, deficient in time in the Word, deficient in patience, in love for my family, in submitting to my husband, and so much more.

We watched her thrive in all areas of her life.  And it all started with providing for deficiency in one area:  nutrition.  How many areas of my life will thrive if I go to God to provide for even just one deficiency?  I believe receiving grace, guidance, or growth from God in one aspect of our lives can prompt growth in additional aspects.

Just as we have found joy in fulfilling needs for her, God finds joy in doing the same for us. I’ve learned that we don’t have to be ashamed of our deficiencies. He knows what they are before we do. He is so happy when we come to Him for our needs. I believe He rejoices that He provides our nutrients so that we too can thrive in all our developmental areas.

 Thank you God for accepting us and embracing us as we come to You with our deficiencies.

Got Milk? Yes we do. We gots lots of milk to supply our little one with her vitamin D. Got Grace? Yes God does. He gots lots of grace to supply us with all that we could ever need.

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