Happy One Year Anniversary to Us


Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of this little bee buzzing home to us. We have been foster parents for a year! And we have only had one placement. We were blessed with this adorable little 2-1/2 year old girl who came into our lives and filled us with joy.

I am just now re-booking our travel plans that we cancelled last year when we found out our first little placement would be moving in. I’ll never forget getting the phone call asking us if we could take her. We were so excited, but also had a vacation around the corner. Dilemma:   take a needed family vacation and get some sunshine, rest, and take a break from routine. Or… the opposite of that. I thought about it for a while, and even got advice to postpone taking a placement until after the vacation.

Insert Irony: Our vacation was to go to California to see our pastor preach at his LA campus, and the sermon would be about Jesus, and then we would be inspired to live like Jesus, and then we would want to take in a foster child.

In addition to the irony was God’s quick nudge that this little girl was supposed to be part of our family. I cancelled hotel, car, and hair salon reservations with no penalties. Again, God put it on my heart that He would take care of the details.   I had a feeling I should call the airlines (rhymes with Alaska) and explain the situation to see if cancellation fees could be adjusted. No doctor’s note. No death certificate. The agent responded without hesitation, “Yes, I can waive your cancellation fees no problem. And thank you. I was a foster child and my foster family was such a blessing to me.” Holy Spirit in action.

 God thank you for working out all the details of our first foster placement. It has been beyond anything we could have designed for ourselves. You are greater than our hopes and dreams.                                                                                                                                                          God, I am so grateful that you aren’t afraid of our weaknesses. God, that you can work out the details for me to grow closer to you. Thank you for giving me desire for you, making me see free time as opportunities for prayer or devotion. And arranging all the details for me to grow in relationship with You.

One thought on “Happy One Year Anniversary to Us

  1. And what a blessed year this has been for your little girl. Wherever God takes you and her forward, from this day forward her life will never be the same because of God having placed her in your hands. You and your spirit-filled family have been such a blessing to this little soul, and the nurturing you have given her over the past year will remain with her forever. Mom and I pray as we do in Unity: “Dear God, we expect your keeping your little girl with the Carroll’s — that or something better for all concerned.”

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