Turn Down for What?


Momentum is going and we are almost done with licensing.  We have Home Study to complete, and then wait for Background check approval.  Don’t give up now… we can see the finish line!  Not turnin’ down for anything!

Our long challenging journey through licensing is nothing compared to our future foster kids’ long challenging journey.  I know that.  We are aware.  “Oh it’s been such an arduous application process… blah blah blah..”  What about the “process” our kids & their parents are going through right now?  Unimaginable I presume.  Probably not best described as a “process” either.  Probably better described as terrible, or not good, or maybe even “a nightmare.”  We are all on this journey together.   Let’s GO!

Thank You Father God, for leading us TO this process, and now THROUGH this process.  Thank You that we are almost complete.  Thank You for blessing us with loving teachers and friends to support us and guide us.  And Thank You for the honor of serving Your precious children.


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