Put Me In, Coach. I’m Ready to Play

A post comment has consumed my thoughts all day long.  Thank you, faithful contributor, for adjusting my Seahawks metaphor.  Comment:

“With all due respect, I’d suggest that you are not the 12th man, the fans. You are players, key players, in a back-up position. When the first string player gets injured or has to leave the game, YOU go in. You carry the ball over the goal line. You play a key role in the victory.

We, your family and friends, are the 12th man, your — and all of the players’ — greatest fans. We are standing by not only cheering you on in this enormously important game, but also available to provide any kind of support you need.

So, Step 1 in bringing along your fan base, your support group: we need to see Tough Love. We need to see it for the same reason you had your two girls see it. Let us know how we can see it.”

YOU ARE RIGHT ON, MAN!  We must play a key role.  In an attempt to affirm our total support of biological parents, I sat foster parents on the bleachers.   But you threw the yellow flag at just the right time.  We are not standing on the sidelines.  We have huge responsibilities.  Get in the game, right?!  The  team is indeed counting on us as key players.  Thank you, RRR, for giving us a jersey and adjusting our helmut — then patting our shoulder pads and sending us on the field.  Thanks for the reminder that we are game changers.  We gotta put some points on the board too.  Also, thank you for your gracious re-defining of the 12th man.

As to the next showing of TOUGH LOVE, I will keep everyone “posted.”  Haven’t heard of the next NW date yet.

Here’s to my faithful fans!  I love you.  You are a BLESSING!

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