Seattle: Home to More Than One Championship Team



Last night we attended an actual movie premiere! The producers, director, and stars of the show were all there too. It was a magical, red-carpet night at the Uptown Theater.

The magic was really all in the hearts of the people in the film. Our family was blessed to be present at the first viewing of Tough Love, a documentary film about the child welfare system by Stephanie Wang-Breal. It was a. may. zing.

Knowing the purpose for the stories in the film, we felt strongly that it would be important for our kids to see. Even though my husband and I understand the mission of King Co. child welfare is for re-unification, our kids didn’t quite get that yet. It was a golden opportunity for them to see what our role truly will be when we are blessed with foster children in our house. The film (or movie I could say, since we we got us some milk duds & red vines) does an incredible job of making each individual member of the child welfare team look like the MVP. In typical King Co. fashion, the players all come onto the field like every day is the Super Bowl. That is contrasted with the not-so-evolved child welfare system in NYC. The Big Apple is of course in many ways a heroic city. But it’s child welfare system I’m afraid falls short. It was discouraging to observe the difference between the two systems. Families that deal with CPS and courtrooms, and happen to live in King Co. are fortunate. We really are the land of the Legion of Boom, in more ways than one. I noticed we boast a couple more Beast Mode players too: Strong, passionate, sophisticated, wise, and talented hearts among us… Tough Love indeed.

Can we be the 12th man for our foster children? We are, in some ways, the fans. We must cheer on the entire team for the sake of each child. We remain positive and supportive of every player in every position. Thanks to this film, our kids now recognize that our love and prayers must reach beyond our precious temporary family members. I do believe our love is tough enough to reach every player. That’s our game plan.

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One thought on “Seattle: Home to More Than One Championship Team

  1. With all due respect, I’d suggest that you are not the 12th man, the fans. You are players, key players, in a back-up position. When the first string player gets injured or has to leave the game, YOU go in. You carry the ball over the goal line. You play a key role in the victory.

    We, your family and friends, are the 12th man, your — and all of the players’ — greatest fans. We are standing by not only cheering you on in this enormously important game, but also available to provide any kind of support you need.

    So, Step 1 in bringing along your fan base, your support group: we need to see Tough Love. We need to see it for the same reason you had your two girls see it. Let us know how we can see it.

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