Where Did Everyone Go?


“Oh man that is so cool, Mom!”  Says my 14 year old when she sees the “little tykes” school bus -slide-jungle gym- bubble maker delivered to our door from target.com.  “Yeah, do you want to help me put it together?” I ask.  “no thanks.” and she runs upstairs.

Ohhhh yeah… it’s all exciting, and “when do we get a baby?” and “I can’t wait for our new brother or sister,” and “it’s going to be so fun, Mom.”  But I know… (because we’ve had 3 puppies, and we have dinner every night) that teenagers are typically not helpful.  I don’t expect much help from them.  My basic philosophy is that they have a lot of stress themselves:  homework, social, sports, activities, sorting lululemons, instagram maintenance, of course.  But I don’t kid myself (pardon the pun) that they might be able to take on some of our new responsibilities.

It is so exciting that we are sharing this experience with our children.  I know they will grow in Faith and understanding and patience and love.  But I also know that this is my and my husband’s mission.  We can’t expect an abundance of support from our kids, relatives, neighbors, and friends.  I know we have support, but we can’t always rely on it.  Maybe especially when it gets uncomfortable or messy or tough?

I was near… ok, beyond… tears trying to dislodge “my little ponies” out of their packaging.  Every leg on all 8 ponies (32 legs, right?) and every mane, and every little tail was literally chained, superglued, and locked into place.  Securely attached to something that looked like plastic, but when severed from the box, would scratch and claw at me.  “Hey, can you guys help me with this?”  My teenager lifted the small box, turned it over a couple of times, shook it, and said, “Oh, yeah this is crazy, Mom.”  Handed it back to me, eyes back down to phone.  “Sorry, Mom.  Ask Dad.”  Scissors, screwdrivers, and bandaids later… the ponies were set free.  I actually said to them, “Run!  You are free!  Run reckless into the wild!”  I was sweaty and defeated.  I asked, “Can someone take this packaging out to the recycle?”  My 17 year old asks, “All of it?”

Thank you, Father God, for being the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresence One in our lives.  We lean into You, we turn to You, and we trust in You.  Always.  We are blessed by Your children that encourage and support us every day.  But we know that You are the only source we need.  Thank You, Lord.



2 thoughts on “Where Did Everyone Go?

  1. I am too teary to comment. What a glorious statement of commitment. And what values you are imbuing in those children of yours — as they observe you attaching those 32 legs. Hey, Papa is a phone call away and ready to help.

  2. Reminds me of Christmas Eve now trying to get all the grandchildren’s toys set out. Elves are a necessity but having tools handy will help immensely!

    I loved your story – They will be there when you need them as all your beautiful children are sensitive to your important needs. They have been there for us. They will be there for you.

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