Where d’heck all these foster families come from?  I’m surrounded.  Everywhere I go, I’m thinking…”oh, I bet that is a foster child… Oh, I bet she is a foster mom… Oh foster here, foster there, foster everywhere.”

At the beginning of the summer I played a game called “corn hole.”  The name alone made me a fan.  But after I became the corn hole champion (is that a title to be proud of?) I got obsessed.  Never seen that game before in my life. Never.  Now everywhere I look I… corn holes.

That is what they call “Baader-Meinhof,” also known as synchronicity I think:  the phenomenon where one happens upon some new or relatively new piece of information–and soon afterwards encounters the same subject again, often repeatedly. 

I keep seeing groups of people that I automatically define as a foster family.  You know the cartoons with hearts in the characters’ eyes?  I have those hearts too.  Walking around town with foster family hearts in my eyes.

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