Monthly Archives: November 2014

Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?


“Sorry, no.” Our licenser replied, “The background checks have been taking longer than normal recently…. And by ‘recently’ I mean for the last 10 years.”

We have completed all requirements and are now waiting for our foster license to be issued.  So that means we are waiting for our background checks to be complete.  So that means we are waiting for the government to complete a task.  And we all know what that means:  more waiting.  “Wait for IT……  (crickets)” ok, keep waiting.

What do we learn from waiting?  In a world where everything is instagram speed, what does it mean for us to wait?  What’s the use?  Nobody likes to wait anyway.  We hate waiting.  We want everything right now.  In this fast-paced time in world history, there are billions of essays, articles, sermons, songs about waiting and patience.  I’m just in that wondering stage right now… What does the wait mean for our family?

So here we are sitting in the “waiting room.”  It’s great comfort to know that our wait is a blessing from God.  It is all part of God’s plan for this process for us.  It could be:

The Lord’s timing is different than ours.

Or…   We have more to learn during this season.

Or… The road we are on will take a different course.

Or… This is our opportunity to prepare.

Or… Something else in our lives needs to shift.

Or… God is arranging details we aren’t even aware of.

Or… Calm before the storm!  Batten down the hatches!

Or…. something else I can’t think of right now — or a combination, right?

Thank you God that you are in charge of timing.  You are the almighty scheduler of schedules.  We find a path, and you guide our steps.  We set our calendar, and you define our moments.  We make a plan, and you design the details.  

We believe that our waiting season is a gift from You, God.  Through prayer and Faith and Trust we recognize the blessings of this precious time.  Thank you for Your Grace and Your patience with us, Lord.  Help us to be gracious like You.  Remind us to have patience like You.