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Excuses, Excuses


Why is this different?  Usually I take the first out I can get.  Up ’til now I was able to negotiate out… too busy, too old, too tired, too gluten-free.  I can always find an excuse to say, “better not.”

My pastors say, “What you are called to do won’t be easy.  The enemy will try to stop you.  If it seem crazy, difficult, or bad timing — yet there is a peace in it —  Then you’re probably going the right direction.   Shut the devil down, and keep on keepin’ on.”

Foster parenting?  Yeah, no.  Father God, I love ya, sounds good… just, y’know, not now.  like – bad timing.  (call “whine-one-one.”)  Chasing 3 kids for 15 years, got 2 heading for college, private schools, super busy with work, 2 dogs, and probs the application process will spit us out anyway.  Plus.. Plus.. last time I babysat my nephew?  He cried.

But this is actually different.  I just texted my hubby:  “is the fingerprint appointment notice in our mailbox?”  Whaaat?  I would have, could have, always have given up by this point.  Let’s say I don’t have FOMO.  (Fear of Missing Out) I’m happy to miss out.  Love missing out.

God keeps telling me, “I am calling you to this.  Go ahead and try to find reasons to back out, but you won’t find peace there. I have prepared your family for this purpose.”

Peace and joy and fulfillment have come into my heart with our decision to foster/adopt children.  There is no doubt.  Plenty of excuses…But no doubt.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.    

-Proverbs 19:21  NIV

Not often in my life has anything passed our “yes test” quite like this.  I guess that’s what happens when prayers are answered.




Where d’heck all these foster families come from?  I’m surrounded.  Everywhere I go, I’m thinking…”oh, I bet that is a foster child… Oh, I bet she is a foster mom… Oh foster here, foster there, foster everywhere.”

At the beginning of the summer I played a game called “corn hole.”  The name alone made me a fan.  But after I became the corn hole champion (is that a title to be proud of?) I got obsessed.  Never seen that game before in my life. Never.  Now everywhere I look I… corn holes.

That is what they call “Baader-Meinhof,” also known as synchronicity I think:  the phenomenon where one happens upon some new or relatively new piece of information–and soon afterwards encounters the same subject again, often repeatedly. 

I keep seeing groups of people that I automatically define as a foster family.  You know the cartoons with hearts in the characters’ eyes?  I have those hearts too.  Walking around town with foster family hearts in my eyes.

Come Pray with Me?


I was explaining to my sister that my Blog site is called “Bringing Our Children Home,”  because we bring these precious kids to our home, and then back home, reunified with their biological families or new adoptive families.

“Yeah,” she said, “And, Bringing them home to Jesus.  I get it.  Bringing their hearts home to the Lord.”

Oh… yes. Yes, that’s right… ahem, (scratch my nose, fix my pony tail.)  That’s what I was getting at with that.  Yup, isn’t that deep and insightful?  (Reality: Ooops, I missed that totally.)

Whoa, that’s good, Sister Sal!  Thanks for bringing it to a higher level!  Love it.  Note:  Folks can tell us more about ourselves, our work, our words, our lives.  Especially our family members.  Seeing us through a different lens, as my brother in law would say.

Made me happy to have another meaning attached to this title.  But can we with every child, actually?  Can we teach, encourage, and model our Christian ways?   What will be our role in Faith-building with our foster kiddos?  No doubt we will want to share God’s love with our kids, and tell them the Good News that Jesus is our savior.  Share the Good News that they are loved and protected.  AND take them to our awesome church.  How will we do that in the right way for each individual child?

Lord God, please give us wisdom and discernment with Faith – building.  Guide us in honoring their bio parents and relatives.  We remain faithful to You, God.   We remain steadfast in our efforts to follow the teachings of Your son, Jesus Christ.

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.  Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

– Colossians 4:5-6 NIV